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Manisha Choudhary

“In this process and journey of changing lives, if I can uplift one life, one existence, one such unprivileged fellow human; I shall thereby, serve the purpose of my own life and doing my bit for this world.”

– Manisha Chaudhary to be written

Former Banker | Image Consultant | NSIM Certified Facilitator | Corporate Trainer

Who is Manisha Choudhary?

Life Journey

Whilst growing up, I was always observant of my surroundings and how things changed with a decision that was either imposed upon by others more powerful than you or the one that got to a person’s mind and resonated with their belief system. The conscious decisions that we all take are sometime the results of our past experiences or the way our minds were conditioned to believe. Every little thought that transitions to a certain action demands a certain reaction too. Now, that’s where the result would affect the way we live or the way others around us live. The conclusions that my learnings lead to was to influence my thinking which strongly made me want to grow in the direction to bring about a change in the way humans behaved, especially the women folk. 

How I started

I am here to bring that change you never knew you needed to live a better life, to lead a better lifestyle. To make your thoughts loud, you voice heard, your existence acknowledged. I am here to invoke that need in all of my women folk to recognise their power, their unique personalities, their hard work and efforts, that have been going down the drain without any recognition or accolades. Though women do not need a platform to showcase their exceptional abilities, yet they need (to be given credits where it’s due) / Yes! We all are given a chance, an opportunity to change the things that do not add value to our existing life or make any difference to that existence.  

A Scintillating Journey
  • A bit about the Manisha Choudhary! A Journey through her various corporate stints, pedagogy and a path carved with sheer hardwork, an acumen to conquer the impossible. 

  • Masters in International Trade with 20+years of strong experience in the banking & Financial service industry (BFSI).
  • An accomplished, goal-oriented Soft Skills & Behavioral Skills Trainer and an Instructional Designer with progressive track record.
  • A Certified Image Consultant with 10+years of experience in delivering Image Makeover & Business Communication training.
  • An Effective & Certified Facilitator with strong experience & strong hold on banking processes & functional role
  • Progressive, result-oriented, with proven track record of managing high net worth portfolios.

  • Demonstrated prowess in conducting Selling & Negotiation skills trainings along with Investment Awareness Program (IAP).

  • Proficient in building and leading professional groups/crew; Assertive Communicator with excellent relationship building and interpersonal skills.
Life Goals

Have you wondered lately, why is there a paradigm shift in the way we all lived, the way things existed before the pandemic hit the globe? It was all because as we were taught while growing up, in schools to colleges to you post grad; that change is the only constant. Cliched and a common knowledge you would say! But we all refused to accept it and pushed our limits until all broke loose, where we all were forced to live in boundaries and restrictions. The women folk, in our country in particular, have lived an entire generation of restricted movement to restricted lifestyle to even restricted thinking. Women who went out to practice freedom weren’t allowed to exist without putting up a fight or just eventually went down in ashes, since they chose not to give up. 

Doing My Bit – Empowering Society!

The ones who have known me and the ones who wish to know me, I am Manisha Chaudhary. And I am here to make a difference to each one of you who’s ready to take that plunge to not just exist in this world and in the one chance at life that you have received from the Almighty… But to go that ex tra mile, put in some extra efforts, extra work and extra everything that shall be instrumental in making this existence a wonderful experience you yourself and the world around you shall remember you by.

Look at how many of the lives were lost in these past couple of years, just robbed of the opportunity to live a life that can make a difference to your own self as well as the others who we deal with on a daily basis and the ones who we only meet once. But the fact that we are here, is a gift from above, from this universe that has announced that the ones that survived, are quite the lucky and the chosen few. 

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