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About Chalktalks

An initiative towards upliftment of people, especially women and imbibing leadership qualities and essence to surge higher in career or jobs that require them to play a pivotal role, push themselves to the hilt to perform equally and find recognition in any field they choose. Today leadership amongst women has taken the front seat and a movement to stand up for and deal with directly. Making transformative decisions and adding value in everything they take up, making business choices, becoming an entrepreneur and successfully riding high in their heels. It all has now opened doors to stop and think, ‘If I am on the right track?’ Questioning their guts, with doubts in their minds, uncertain, yet pushing themselves forth to achieve that next milestone.

Why Chalk Talks?
  • Every person, irrespective of genders that exist today, are plagued with this question challenging their spiritual, physical, and emotional state. Questioning their place in the society, work place, homes too. Trying to figure out if the career choices they have made is the one that shall satisfy their inner urge to excel and prove their worth. 
  • ChalkTalks is just that perfect initiative that came about while Manisha, herself was on a journey to find her self-worth of the inner woman that was on a constant search to discover what will suffice that inner calling. The learnings from her past and present, the enriching experiences she was privileged enough to have, the teaching from her seniors, leaders or the powerful impacts these influences she was lucky enough to experience through being around such people.
  • In all the research and learning that Chalktalks foundation is based upon, has identified a core population of people, that are experiencing challenging changes in life, impoverished, or undergoing life crises.

Our workshops and training sessions are designed on three fundamental principle concepts as a foundation to initiate change; 1) courage, 2) truth, and 3) exploration. We empower our participants with the tools to become strong and courageous leaders, people who work their own destiny and are divinely inspired with insight that comes only from hardwork and staying focused, stripping oneself off the thoughts and factors that are negatively impacting their lives and sticking to the truth of your inner being. Each session truly enriches and empowers and inculcates a sense of well-being, in one’s self and in your surroundings too.


We work on clearly defining the final outcome of learning Initiative along with the measurement criteria and then working backward to design a learning solution to meet the same. Every workshop will come with set of measurement tools helping one to determine the actual return of investments made through learning interventions.

Mission - Vision

A workshop session curated just about for every person with that question in their minds, that urge to stand up tall, voice their thoughts and speak out loud. Having said that, ChalkTalks workshop is for any or everyone who wants to empower oneself and see the change one needs inside themselves and in the world around, seeing how the ‘new you’ fits in fine with a ‘newer perspective’ built to watch the gradual yet strong change that will hear yourself scream out loud, “Exactly what I needed!” 

The adrenalin rush, the blood surging into your brain with that acknowledgement is all that’s required today for what we have always been hearing since Charles Darwin first said it, when he penned down theories of evolution – ‘The survival of the fittest!’

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